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Successful, Aggressive, Respected DUI Lawyers

Our DUI attorneys have represented thousands of persons charged with DUI or a related charge.

Some of our clients were stopped for weaving, and others for driving with bad tabs, driving too fast, too slow, without headlights, making an improper turn, the notorious bad license plate light and, of course, everything in between.  We have represented persons who couldn't walk a straight line, others who had difficulty balancing on one foot, many who slurred though the ABCs, missed touching their finger to their nose and/or were simply unable to tap their thumb to each individual finger.

DUI and related cases involve many types of unique evidence. The DUI defense attorneys at Stewart MacNichols Harmell, Inc., P.S., have the experience and tools to aggressively defend any person charged with a DUI or a related charge, regardless of the facts. Contact us to speak with one of our criminal defense attorneys seven days a week, 24 hours per day.

Experience and Reputation Matter

While most of our DUI and Physical Control cases do not go to trial, to effectively negotiate with the prosecution, your DUI Criminal Defense Attorney needs to pose a real threat in the courtroom. The attorneys at Stewart MacNichols Harmell, Inc., P.S. have won DUI jury trials for clients with no breath test, clients who refused the breath test, and clients with breath tests over three times the legal limit. We have also won trials for clients alleged to be under the influence of drugs, including marijuana and prescription drugs.

Many of the firms that claim to be experienced DUI defense attorneys have little or no actual trial experience. Cases are set for trial but, presumably as a result of fear or a lack of self-confidence, clients are convinced to plead guilty to the charges as their cases approach trial. Prosecutors are aware when lawyers and law firms are unwilling to take their cases to trial and this can impact those attorney's effectiveness during pre-trial negotiations.

Neither a lack of self-confidence, nor fear, have ever been an issue with the attorneys at Stewart MacNichols Harmell, Inc., P.S. In fact, our attorneys have been involved in hundreds DUI and Physical Control jury trials over the last 25 years. The reputation that we have earned for our preparedness and willingness to take these cases to trial is tremendously important. A person charged with an alcohol related driving offense needs an attorney with that reputation. It's even better when the lawyer is a recognized winner.

Of course all cases are different, and no one can guarantee results, but the attorneys at Stewart MacNichols Harmell, Inc., P.S. are recognized as aggressive, successful and experienced trial attorneys. Our firm's reputation and our attorney's skills allow us to approach each of our client's cases from a position of power. This generally results in the best available disposition for each of the persons who have trusted us with their defense. When we are not able to reach an agreement with the prosecution, each of our clients can be confident that their attorney is ready to aggressively defend them in front of a jury, and when we do go to trial we will be fully prepared to do everything possible to win.

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Free consultation

If you are being investigated, have been arrested or charged with a DUI or related offense you need a lawyer who answers your questions, makes you feel comfortable and fights for you. At Stewart MacNichols Harmell, Inc., P.S., the first phone call and first meeting are free. If you have been arrested for domestic violence, make sure you have a criminal defense attorney by your side defending your rights and preparing your defense. Call Stewart MacNichols & Harmell, Inc., P.S., and talk to a lawyer now.

We routinely represent clients charged with DUIs in Pierce and King Counties such as Lakewood, Puyallup, Auburn, Kent, Renton, and Seattle.

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