• Over 9 years of Courtroom Experience

  • Member of the National Alliance on Mental Illness

  • Training in Criminal Defense and Mental Illness

  • In Jail Every Day Representing of In-Custody Defendants 

  • Has Represented Thousands of Persons Accused of Crimes Ranging from Driving Under the Influence to Assault Domestic Violence, from Reckless Driving to Patronizing a Prostitute, from Shoplifting to Robbery, and from Misdemeanor Charges of Possession of Marijuana to Felony Charges of Violation of the Uniform Controlled Substances Act (VUCSA)

  • Referrals from Judges, Prosecutors, and Fellow Criminal Defense Lawyers

Jennifer Stewart

Jennifer Stewart is recognized as a shrewd litigator, both for her ingenuity in developing unique legal arguments, and for her willingness to take on difficult cases. She limits her practice to criminal defense, with a special emphasis on clients with mental health issues.

Jennifer Stewart was born in Puyallup, Washington. She spent her youth in Thurston and Lewis Counties, except for a six month period when she lived in Chicago, Illinois, where, before moving back to the state of Washington, she was briefly a fan of Walter Payton, Jim McMahon and William "the Refrigerator" Perry. In the early 1990's, as a single mother, Jenn enrolled at Centralia Community College, then briefly transferred to Yakima Community College, before ultimately receiving her Associates of Arts Degree from Centralia. In 1996 she moved to the Seattle area and, in 1998, was admitted to the University of Washington.

During her years at the UW, Jenn began working at Stewart Beall & MacNichols P.S., as a Law Clerk. In 2000, she received her Bachelor of Sciences Degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences. Following her graduation, Jenn continued working at the firm and, after much thought decided to enroll in the Washington State Bar Association's Rule Six Program. Stephen Rochon, Municipal Court Judge for the cities of Pacific and Maple Valley, served as her initial program tutor. Scott Stewart tutored her through the final years of her program.

Two and one-half years into the Rule Six Program Jenn was authorized to engage in the limited practice of law as a Rule Nine Legal Intern. In her work as an intern she served as a public defender in the cities of Kent, Kenmore, North Bend, Sammamish and Lakewood. During this period, and prior to taking the bar exam, Jenn won four of five criminal jury trials.

After successfully completing the Rule Six Program, Jenn took the August 2006 bar exam, passing on her first attempt, and was admitted as an attorney by the Washington State Bar in early 2007. As an attorney she has continued to develop a reputation as a tenacious and aggressive advocate on behalf of each of her clients. Within the firm Jenn is recognized as both shrewd litigator, for her ingenuity in developing unique legal arguments, and a fearless trial attorney, for her willingness to try the difficult cases to a jury. For Jenn, each client's situation is personal and she works hard to ensure the very best outcome in each of their cases.

After becoming an attorney, Jenn added the cities of Milton, Seatac and Kirkland to the jurisdictions in which she worked as a public defender. She has represented accused persons in most of the Municipal, District and Superior Courts throughout King and Pierce County, as well as numerous other courts throughout the state of Washington. Jenn has represented thousands of persons accused of crimes ranging from Driving Under the Influence to Assault Domestic Violence, from Reckless Driving to Patronizing a Prostitute, from Shoplifting to Robbery, and from Misdemeanor charges of Possession of Marijuana to Felony charges of Violation of the Uniform Controlled Substances Act (VUCSA), as well as numerous other criminal offenses prohibited by the laws of both the State and the local municipalities.

What clients have to say about Jennifer:

  • "Jenn is an absolutely amazing criminal defense lawyer.

  • She aggressively assisted on the criminal charges against me and, as a result, I avoided potential significant jail time and loss of license. I am a licensed, insured driver, with a job that allows me to support my family. Without Jenn's help I was facing jail, license suspension and the impact that these would have had on my work and family. Jenn did a tremendous job on my case, and I recommend her without reservation."  From Travis M., a criminal defense client.

  • "I was represented by Jennifer Stewart in Thurston county court her level of professionalism was wonderful and the end result was great." From Carolyn R., a criminal defense client.

What prosecutors and other attorneys have to say:

  • "I am always impressed by Jennifer's tenacity and strong belief in what she does on behalf of her clients. But despite the hard fights she consistently wages, she does it in a manner that doesn't alienate the opposition. This is a rarity in the legal profession, and a trait that serves Jennifer very well."  From S.P. a former prosecuting attorney.

  • "Jennifer is a highly motivated criminal defense lawyer, and always treats her clients with respect and professionality." From J.D. a fellow criminal defense lawyer.

  • "I have observed Jennifer's work in the courtroom. She is well prepared and intelligent. I think that she is a very talented lawyer."  From S.S., a former prosecuting attorney.

  • "Jennifer, and the firm of Stewart Beall MacNichols & Harmell, Inc., are a definite powerhouse when it comes to criminal defense representation."  From A.S., a former public defender.