• Over 16 years of Courtroom Experience

•Has Represented Thousands of Persons, with an Emphasis on Serious Felonies, including Murder, Rape, Robbery and Other Three Strikes Crimes, Sex Crimes and Domestic Violence

•Over 300 Jury Trials

Published Author on Criminal Law

Teaches Continuing Legal Education to other Criminal Defense Attorneys

•Jury Trials including MurderRape, Other Three Strikes Crimes and Domestic Violence

Referrals from Judges, Prosecutors, Law Enforcement, Firefighters and Fellow Criminal Defense Lawyers

•Creative Arguments have Resulted in Dismissals and Required Changes in the Law

Ken harmell

Ken Harmell offers more than twenty years of legal experience, with a practice that emphasizes defending those who have been charged with the most serious offenses including murder, vehicular assault and homicide, rape, child molestation and domestic violence. Ken is known for his ability to develop complex legal arguments and defenses.

Ken graduated with high honors from both Central Washington University and Seattle University School of Law. He has over fifteen years of experience aggressively representing persons charged with crimes, including over 250  jury trials. Ken's practice is exclusively limited to  criminal defense cases, with an emphasis on serious felonies, sex cases and domestic violence. 

Ken Harmell was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. In 1992 he moved to Seattle with his wife and two children.
Ken graduated with high honors from both Central Washington University and the Seattle University School of Law. He has over nine years of experience representing persons charged with crimes, including over 250 jury trials.

Ken joined the firm during law school and was already an experienced trial attorney when in 1999 he received his Juris Doctor degree from the Seattle University School of Law, magna cum laude. He has jury trial experience in jurisdictions throughout western Washington. He has jury trial experience at all levels of criminal cases in including Class A, B and C felonies, as well as misdemeanors and gross misdemeanors. Ken has been directly appointed by the court to represent criminal defendants. He has also been asked to serve as a Pro Tem Judge and is a published author.

As a part of his practice, he has developed a reputation for having an uncanny ability to develop complex legal arguments that result in either the dismissal of the case against his clients, or the suppression of some significant portion of the government's evidence. Ken does not simply challenge the evidence, he challenges the law. He is an aggressive courtroom advocate who views plea bargains as the last option and not the first. Ken's philosophy is that the only way to obtain the best possible outcome for each client is to be recognized by the prosecution as a credible threat to take each and every case to trial.

What clients have to say about Ken:

  • "X-girlfriend accused me of Domestic Violence & I took it to trial. . . . It took 30 min for the jury to return a 'not guilty' verdict. Thank you & will recommend him anytime." From Thomas, charged with Assault Domestic Violence.

  • "We went to trial and not only was I found NOT GUILTY, but he showed I was wrongfully accused and won back all the money spent on my case from the state! !" From Dylan, charged with Assault.

  • "Mr. Harmell represented me in a very sensitive matter, was able to obtain the desired result, and made me feel comfortable through the entire ordeal. I would recommend Mr. Harmell to anyone charged with a serious crime." From a client charged with child abuse.

  • "Ken represented me on a case, did an excellent job and got my case dismissed!" From a criminal defense client.

What prosecutors and other attorneys have to say:

  • “Ken Harmell is one of the smartest and best trial attorneys I know. I still enjoy watching him pick a jury because they immediately all believe everything he says. He is captivating." From B.B., a fellow criminal defense lawyer.

  • "Whenever I have a criminal defense question that is in the grey area of the law or something that I need to research, I know I can count on Ken for the answer. He is an amazing trial attorney and well respected. One of the best criminal defense attorney's I know." From D.Z., a fellow criminal defense lawyer.

  • "Whenever I walk into court for a trial and see Ken sitting at defense counsel's table, I know I'm in for a battle." From Sean, a prosecuting attorney.