What clients have to say about Scott:

  • "From the beginning he stood in my corner . . . Scott is a great trial attorney." From Daljeet, charged with Attempted Rape and Felony Assault.

  • "I had Scott work on my case few weeks ago and I am very happy with the results. He explains each step of the legal process and does an excellent job as trial attorney. If you want an attorney who will give you peace about the legal process, provide you with affordable and very knowledgeable legal representation, and give you best chance at positive results give him a call." From Dan, charged with DUI and Reckless Endangerment.

  • "Scott Stewart and the team are excellent attorneys and I would recommend hiring them for all of your legal issues. If you want zealous, professional, affordable, knowledgeable representation hire Stewart MacNichols Harmell!"  From Dan, a former client.

  • "Scott is an amazing criminal defense attorney. . . . in a matter of a few short months, with Scott's representation, I went from expecting to lose my job, home, car and other possessions, to again being a working, productive member of the community." From Chris, charged with multiple DUIs.

  • "My case was scary, serious and unjustified. Scott represented me in court 4 years ago and with his expertise and professionalism, we won against 4 serious charges. I walked out of court almost a year later and my first thought was 'that was the best investment I will ever make in my life.' He's my Rockstar." From Jayne, a DUI client.

  • "Confident and thorough . . . Scott had tremendous command of the courtroom." From Travis, charged with Driving While an Habitual Traffic Offender.

What prosecutors and other attorneys have to say:

  • "I have referred acquaintances to him, and would not to hesitate to call him myself." From R.R., a prosecuting attorney.

  • "I have been working side by side with Scott and his Law firm representing indigent people in Lakewood, WA, for over 8 years. I have had the honor of being co-counsel with Scott in a criminal trial. He definitely carried the load in that case, he is smart, quick and he treats everyone with decency and respect. When I need to refer anyone to a Lawyer in King County, it is only Scott Stewart's firm as I know they will get top grade AAA+++ service and skills. I have worked side by side with him for years and really respect him. Hire Scott... NOW!"  From Martin, a fellow criminal defense lawyer.

  • "Not only is Scott a fantastic criminal defense attorney - he's a wonderful guy to get to know. He is a credit to the profession, and a gift to his clients."  From J.D., a fellow criminal defense lawyer.

  • "I have known Scott for over nine years. I regularly go to him to help me figure out complex legal issues. He has great passion for his clients and their legal needs. He is one of the two attorneys I would go to if I was ever on the wrong side of the law." From David, a fellow criminal defense lawyer.

  • "He is well respected by peers and often sought out for his legal knowledge and creative insight." From K.M., a fellow criminal defense lawyer.

  • "I have known and worked with Scott for about five years. Without fail, I know him to be passionate about his work, have great depth and breadth of knowledge of the criminal defense field, and to have a deep sense of fairness and justice. Scott approaches each case with diligence and energy, as well as a sense of humor. Scott is highly qualified and trustworthy. I have referred several personal and professional friends to Scott's firm; if that's not the highest form of endorsement, I don't know what is."  From B.M., a prosecuting attorney.

  • "Scott is very knowledgeable in all aspects of misdemeanor defense. He is thorough, creative and passionate about his work and I recommend him to anyone facing criminal charges."  From Brenda, a fellow attorney in the community.

  • "Scott is a phenomenal attorney . . . . I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone seeking legal help. He always goes the extra mile for his clients and excels at getting the best results on tough cases." From Seth, a fellow attorney in the community.

  • "I’ve worked with Scott for 5+ years and have always known him to give 110% for his clients. He easily develops a rapport with opposing counsel, but without compromising his client’s position, and he’s a formidable opponent at trial. Scott and I may not always agree, but I have genuine respect for the consistent, tireless advocacy he demonstrates on behalf of all his clients." From J.S., a prosecuting attorney.

  • "Scott is an amazing lawyer who gets results and knows the law. His ability to navigate legal procedure and persuade jurors and judges is amazing! His extensive legal knowledge and ability to artfully analyze issues makes him a sought after advisor in the legal community."  From A.S., a fellow lawyer in the community.

  • "One of the best trial attorneys around and way more personality than Gerry Spence"  From A.B., a fellow criminal defense lawyer.

  • "When I started my career as prosecutor, I had many cases with Scott as the defense attorney. Over the years, I have seen Scott in the courtroom and I am so impressed with his abilities and knowledge. He sets a fantastic example for the rest of us."  From Simon, a fellow criminal defense lawyer, and former prosecutor.

  • "Scott's clients are extremely lucky to have him as their counsel." From M.W., a prosecuting attorney.

  • "I have worked as a prosecuting attorney with the state as well as a private defense counsel for the past 15 years. I have known Scott for that amount of time in those capacities. He is a dedicated and resourceful attorney that never waivers in his professionalism and service to his clients." From Jeff, a fellow criminal defense attorney, and former prosecutor.

Scott Stewart

Scott Stewart has over twenty-seven years of experience aggressively representing people that have been charged with a crime. Throughout his career he has represented persons in courtrooms throughout the state of Washington, Scott Stewart has attained a level of courtroom experience few attorneys can match. He has represented persons at every stage of a case, including approximately 300 jury trials. His practice is fully committed to litigation. 

Scott has represented persons on personal injury cases, including those involved in motor vehicle accidents, and he has represented persons accused of crimes ranging from Driving Under the Influence to Hit and Run Resulting in Death, from Assault Domestic Violence to Residential Burglary, from Misdemeanor Possession of Marijuana to Felony Distribution of Drugs, from Voyeurism to Child Molestation, and almost every other criminal offense prohibited by the laws of both the State and the local municipalities.

Scott has represented accused persons in every Municipal Court, District Court and Superior Court in King and Pierce County, as well as numerous courts in other counties throughout the state of Washington, from Clark to Whatcom, and Grays Harbor to Chelan. He has worked for the complex crimes division of a county prosecutor's office and has served as a public defender in at least ten different jurisdictions. 

Scott has won jury trials on behalf of persons charged with most criminal offenses prohibited by the laws of the state of Washington including, but not limited to, Driving Under the Influence, Physical Control of a Motor Vehicle While Under the Influence, Negligent Driving, Hit and Run, Assault, Malicious Mischief, Harassment, Stalking, Theft, Possession of Drugs and Drug Paraphernalia, Minor in Possession and Disorderly Conduct. 

His jury trial victories include acquittals on DUIs with no breath test, DUIs with breath test refusals, and DUIs with breath test levels as high as .27 (Over three times the legal limit). He has Reckless Driving victories with alleged speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour, including a jury trial where the defendant was alleged to have driven a motorcycle on a city street at speeds at or near 100 miles per hour, road a wheelie, and caused a serious multi-vehicle collision. (Scott was ultimately retained by this client on a personal injury action resulting in a settlement of $75,000.00. The client went from facing a criminal charge as a result of a motorcycle accident, to receiving significant compensation for injuries that he sustained in the very same accident.) Scott has won numerous Assault and Assault Domestic Violence jury trials, including a case involving a law enforcement officer charged with two counts of Assault Domestic Violence and one count of Obstructing a Law Enforcement Officer. In that case the prosecution witnesses included a Major, a Sergeant, two detectives, three patrol officers, the alleged victim and one additional independent witness. Scott's client was his only witness. Still, the jury returned not guilty verdicts on all three counts. Significantly, on more than one occasion Scott has been the choice of law enforcement officers familiar with his reputation who found themselves charged with a criminal offense.  

Scott has been involved with numerous cases that received media attention. He has appeared as a guest on ABC's Good Morning America, CBS's Early Show, MSNBC's The Abram's Report, MSNBC's Debra Norville Tonight, CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 Degrees and Fox's At Large w/Geraldo Rivera He has also appeared on KING, KIRO, KOMO and KCPQ. Scott has been quoted in over a hundred newspapers, magazines and websites throughout the world, from the Seattle Times to the China Daily, from the Seattle Post Intelligencer to the New York Post, from the Tacoma Tribune to People Magazine, and from the Spokane Spokesman Review to the Boston Globe. His favorite media claims to fame include that he has both been quoted in the National Enquirer and bad mouthed by Rush Limbaugh and Don Imus.
Scott was born and raised in South King County graduating from high school in Renton and the University of Washington where he was consistently on the Dean's List. He spent his three years of Law School at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, a school consistently ranked in the top twenty. Scott ultimately graduated from law school with honors. 
After receiving his Juris Doctor in 1988, cum laude , Scott returned home where he initially practiced for three and a half years with an AV rated downtown Seattle law firm. In March of 1992 Scott opened his own practice emphasizing criminal defense and personal injury law. This practice would eventually develop into Stewart MacNichols Harmell, Inc., P.S.   
In addition to his work as an attorney, since 2000 Scott has been an adjunct professor in the Law and Justice Program at Central Washington University where he teaches classes including Evidence and Arrest, Great American Trials, Legal Research and Legal Writing. He has also taught in the Street Law Program at Issaquah High School and has successfully tutored two future lawyers through the Washington State Bar Association Rule Six Program.
Scott presently resides in southeast King County with his wife, Jennifer, and their children.

  • National Trial Lawyer's Top 100 Trial Lawyers

  • American Law Society, America's Top Lawyers

  • National Association of Distinguished Counsel,

    Top One Percent

  • Avvo's Highest Rating 10 / Superb

  • Over 300 Jury Trials


  • Teaches Continuing Legal Education

  • Has Represented Police Officers

  • Adjunct College Professor